Do you find yourself asking these questions?

What have I accomplished this morning? This week? This year?

Women wear so many hats that the thought of adding ‘one more to do’ could just send you over the edge.   

My advice? John C Maxwell says “your success is hidden in your daily routine”. Set yourself up for mental success by changing just a few key habits. They will take virtually no extra time, but you will notice the difference.

Here are a few tips to get your started!

  1. Do something that makes you feel accomplished right when you get out of bed

Have you ever gotten out of bed and immediately started beating yourself up? Feeling like a failure before the day even starts? Strive for a small accomplishment first thing in the morning and make your bed immediately. It takes less than a minute and it’s mentally freeing each time you walk into your room and see a neat, clean bed.   

  1. Wake up to a song that gets you in the mindset to tackle the day

Waking up to the news or radio banter = poisonous mental input (my opinion). Do you really want to start your day with hearing about all the crimes, celebrity gossip and crisises in the world? How would your mindset change if instead you woke up to Mandisa’s “Good Morning”  song?  Or Imagine Dragons “On Top of the World?” During a season of intense focus in my business I woke up to “Eye of the Tiger”. Talk about waking up in beast-mode! It was a game changer for my mental mindset.

ALarm Clock

  1. Fill your shower with inspiration

I realized whatever I was thinking about in the shower was my most predominant thought. Sadly, as positive as I think I am, when I began paying attention to what I was thinking about in the shower, I was alarmed to realize my most predominant thought was almost always negative.   

I decided this was unacceptable and I was going to force myself to make my shower a place of setting my mind on a proactive focus for the day rather than leaving my subconscious mind to my own devices.

I taped a sheet protector on my shower wall right in front of my face and included my affirmations. You can write your favorite quotes, bible verses, or self coaching questions like:

  • What am I most looking forward to today?
  • How can I add value today?
  • Who can I best serve today?
  • How can I show my family I love them today?

I would read this over and over again in the shower and talk about a life-transformation!

Abstract Art

  1. Set a regular phone alarm with a self-coaching question

This little reminder would help focus me back to my intention at seemingly the most unfocused moments. I work from home and while I wouldn’t trade it for the world, the home is also filled with dozens of distractions. Look….the dishes….. oh, I’ll just fold this laundry real quick.

When I set random reminders that would pop up, with prompts like “is what I’m doing right now helping me get closer to my goal?” it would always hit me in the face and get me back on track.  

Other examples could be: what do I want to accomplish before the day is done? Or: how would it feel to pick up the kids from school with my top three priorities complete?. You can also try: Is what I’m doing right now adding value to my business/or moving someone up?

Woman using smartphone

  1. Listen to one Inspirational sermon or podcast a day

Nothing changes in your life unless you change first. To be the best I can be, I know I must feed myself mentally with constant learning and education. In order to fit in more learning, I began listening to a sermon or YouTube video while cooking dinner.  Some of my favorites are Pastor Andy Stanley, Dr. Daniel Amen (brain health), John C Maxwell, Joel Osteen, or any various Ted talks. I also created the habit of listening to in the car on the drive after I drop off all the kids at school. You can subscribe for free and a link is texted to your phone each day.  I queue up the audio before leaving the driveway so there’s no phone handling happening while I drive!

Abstract Art

  1. End day with reading instead of TV or scrolling

The average American watches four hours of TV a day. It’s also a proven fact that the brain grabs onto the last 30 minutes of input before bed. That’s a disastrous duo!! If my mind be rehashing the last 30 minutes of my day all night long….then I at least want it to be brewing over something positive that I proactively want to input. I end my day not with scrolling of TV or internet garbage but rather with reading the Bible or a great book. I also ask myself self-coaching questions like: What went well today? Where did I add value today? What would I change?  What am I most looking forward to tomorrow?  Who can I serve tomorrow? How can I show those I love the most that I care about them?